There’s something about dad jokes that make people roll their eyes. When someone tells you a dad joke, you either laugh because it’s the funniest thing you’ve ever heard or shake your head in shame. Dad jokes are either the best thing people love or could ruin any good moment in the world. But despite the negative connotations of dad jokes, they’re making a significant comeback and celebrities are leading the charge, of all people!

If you have not yet tried fascinating dad jokes, try one of these and you will see how dad jokes thrill. I am used to making jokes every time I hang out with my buddies and they really make a comeback.
In this discussion, I will show you how dad jokes are making a comeback. Keep reading!


What has legs but can’t walk? A chair! I remember this question that my friends used to ask in school when we were still young. This is a good example of a dad joke. It can leave you laughing or leave you in shame if you don’t know the right answer. Currently, dad jokes are being used by celebrities in competition, on Twitter with the hashtag dad jokes, and on other social media platforms such as puns, comedies, and memes. Let’s see how each one of them works:

Celebrities Are Using Dad Jokes In Competitions

Celebrities like Courteney Cox and David Spade are competing to see who can tell the best dad jokes. These jokes are usually very cheesy, but the celebrities seem to be enjoying themselves!
Here are some of the best ones: What do you call a belt made out of watches? A waste of time. Why did the picture go to jail? Because it was framed. What did one hat say to another? You stay here, I’ll go ahead. These are some examples of dad jokes celebrities are using to throw shade.

Dad Jokes In Twitter Posts

An analysis of Twitter posts shows that dad jokes are making a comeback. We can see this by looking at the highest-rated joke each day. The spikes in popularity indicate a rise in interest, which correspond to the telltale signs of a dad joke.

A closer look reveals some patterns: More tweets are posted on weekends and less on Fridays. And the most interesting part is that dads seem to have the funniest jokes early in the morning and more often than not on Sundays.

Puns Are Dad Jokes Of The Days

Most people are spending a lot of time with their kids and are looking for new ways to entertain them, including telling puns. The attention span of kids today is shorter than ever, and today’s jokes need to be all business, no gimmicks; they need to land and then move on.

Kids are able to understand humor at a young age, but they don’t have the life experience yet to get jokes that are too clever or subtle.

Comedy Is Taking The Place For Dad Jokes

Dad jokes were once the punchline for cheap laughs, but these days comedians are bringing them back with a vengeance. Old jokes such as “Do you know why I can’t take a holiday in Australia? Because the koala factions are too high” and “My wife asked me to bring home some mince.

Unfortunately, I bought 12 stones of beef” are being used by comedians such as Tim Allen and Allonzo Bodden, and are drawing large crowds.

Trending Memes

Memes as we know it, have taken on a life of their own, especially with the recent spike in popularity of Dad jokes memes. Currently, people are spending much time creating memes to create humor for the audience. Most people find them thrilling such that they can’t afford to skip the trending memes.

Dad Jokes In Mathematics And Philosophy

Dad jokes are coming back in numerics and philosophy sciences. You will often find students in learning institutions spending leisure time sharing scientific dad jokes they learn on their own.

This shows how this incredible humor is not left behind in academics. In fact, educators and learners find them a perfect deal to grow their reasoning.

Dad Jokes Are in The Current World!

Dad jokes are coming back in many ways. They may include comedy, memes, puns, Twitter posts, and celebrities in competition. They make most people laugh while they make others feel shame. Dad jokes are in the current world and you highly love the thrill!