It might be easy to broadcast your gameplay on Twitch, but engaging with the audience, attempting to be entertaining, playing whatever game you are streaming proficiently, and keeping an eye on chat for trolls simultaneously is the exact opposite. A new feature from the Amazon-owned company should make at least the latter part a bit simpler, though. When you set your broadcasting language to your own set language, Twitch’s new features prevent banned words from being commented on in different languages. Twitch is also planning on cracking down on users who buy twitch followers.

What new words has Twitch banned 

Twitch’s banned words that go against their Terms of Service are “simp,” “incel,” and “virgin.” “Simp” is supposed to be a derogatory name for men who are deemed as too submissive or attentive to women. “Incel” is a word for men who claim they cannot attract women and are therefore generally hostile toward them. Apparently, the word “virgin” has been used as an insult, too, even though it is not a bad word. Many people have made the point that these words do not technically hate speech, versus a lot of other words that very clearly are. 

How has this affected users 

Many users have shown outrage at the new language policies, as other harmful words including slurs and racial comments have yet to be banned. This has angered many people in the Twitch community, and rightfully so. It can be argued that the banning of such words and slurs is much more important than words that are not as harmful and have very little harmful meaning towards other players. In order to be a safe place for all streamers, many users are adamant that Twitch should ban hostile words in regards to race, sexuality, and harassment that may make other users feel unsafe.