Twitch is a streaming service where content creators can provide live streams to their followers and get quite a bit of money from doing so. There are thousands of people active on the platform but here are three of the most popular Twitch channels that you should follow if you are interested in new gaming content.



Daequan is a very popular Twitch streamer with much of his success coming from official competitions on games like Overwatch and Fortnite where he placed very highly, these official competitions are great money makers for the streamers who compete in them and can also bring them many more followers who are intrigued by gaming skill. If you’re looking to create your own Twitch channel but are worried about not having many followers in the beginning, you could try to buy twitch followers to give your ratings a head start.



Ninja is another Twitch channel which you should definitely follow if you are looking for high-quality content and narration whilst he plays the most popular games. He is particularly skilled when it comes to first-person shooters like Fortnite and Call of Duty which has brought him a lot of success as his followers tune in to his daily shows to see his high gameplay skill in action.


Dr. Lupo

The final Twitch channel that you should definitely consider subscribing to would have to be Dr. Lupo, his channel consists of well-edited and high-energy gameplay that can keep you entertained for hours no matter what game he is playing. Lupo also recently conducted various interviews discussing how he turned gaming into a professional career for himself and how normal people can implement aspects of this job into their own professional lives, he has worked in the industry for many years now so this advice is to be trusted in my opinion.