20 10, 2022

Is Twitch Streaming a Reliable Career Choice?

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During the pandemic, many people have grown to consume a lot of online content and rely on streamers for their daily entertainment. Obviously, many people have now realized that the pandemic made many of those streamers into millionaires may it be Just Streaming streamers, gaming Streamers, or people who take part in various Twitch streaming metas. While streaming in general seems pretty easy, there is much more to streaming on twitch than setting up a camera, a streaming rig, and going live. Many people see Twitch as a very easy path to making a career online and making money, but is it really that easy? Is streaming really as reliable a career choice as many people think? Let’s get into it and see the reality of streaming.

Let’s get into the boring meat and potatoes part of the numbers relating to streaming. As you can imagine streaming being so easy to get started in, means anyone with a computer and OBS can create a twitch account and fire off a stream and go live. This can explain why as of august 2022 twitch has recorded around 8 million or more active streamers. All these streamers split around 140 million unique visitors every month, which is almost three times the numbers it was a mere 7 years ago. Despite this massive market, only 1.2 million streamers are affiliates, meaning less than 15% of the streamers make affiliates and are able to make actual good money with their twitch account as active streamers.

Streaming is a difficult path as most of the money you will make is not from your followers and views, but from eventual deals, you cut with outside advertisers. As of 2022 Twitch has announced they would be slashing all their contracts to take a bigger percentage of the money revenue made by streamers. While many smaller streamers had the opportunity to have a 70-30 split deal, Twitch has announced those days were over and everyone would get a half-and-half contract from now on. This hits especially hard as streamers have no powers of negotiation unless they are big names like XQC or Amouranth who often have unique contracts with grandfather clauses that save them from these terrible deals that clearly advantage Twitch. Many people have criticized Amazon and Twitch’s opportunism of taking advantage of streamers when they’ve been making their biggest numbers

Even then, these contracts are often difficult as while they allow you to make money off the subscription from your viewers, they will often enforce heavy ad density that will often roll when your stream is opened by a viewer which often turns off the viewer. So, the increased ad density is very difficult to deal with for newer streamers, especially if they are trying to grow. Even making your way from 1 viewer to partner with subscription and viewer requirements can be hard to hit so a lot of people have started to buy Twitch followers to boost channel stats and increase their growth. While this is against Twitch’s terms of service, many people have grown desperate to break into the industry in anyway possible.

Streaming requires a huge investment of time, and it explains why the biggest age range of people on twitch is people under 35. Many streamers need to streamer almost 6 hours daily to be able to really see a significant growth and recurring viewership. The hardest part is really breaking the 25 viewer point so you can grow upward and get enough subscribers to get something similar to an hourly wage. That’s why many people who start streaming still work until they reach a point where they can make more money. Taking advertising gigs for video games or products related to streaming is one of the many ways streamers manage to make a living and often make a lot of money, but not everyone has that luck.

As you can see obviously, streaming can be an extremely good career choice but just like acting there is no real reliability or job security. One day you can be on top of the world making thousands of dollars and next up you’re out of fad and bleeding viewers. So, while you may want to try and build up a streaming career you should always make sure you know how to manage your money and do so safely, as they say, don’t put all your eggs in the same basket. So streaming is not reliable and it’s all about timing and luck. Make sure to be well-informed before you jump into a Twitch streaming career!

23 10, 2020

Is Mobile Gaming Going to Enter the E-Sports Scene?

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The E-Sports scene is one of the high-stakes actions and dedicated fans. It has slowly moved from being an unknown sport to attracting more viewers than some other major sports such as Golf or Tennis. And it’s not difficult to see why. E-Sports can cover any multiplayer game created. With such a large variety of games available, there is something for everyone. And let’s be honest, video games are always more exciting to watch than more traditional sports.

But even within the gaming community, there is still a lot of heated debates and rampant elitism over what should and shouldn’t be considered a sport. MOBA players will argue that FPS games can’t be a sport. Likewise, FPS gamers will argue that MOBA’s are not really competitive in the same way FPS games are.

But the one area of contention that most gamers seem to agree on is that mobile gaming isn’t really gaming. But we think this is just gatekeeping and elitism. But could mobile gaming ever become big enough to actually enter the E-Sports scene?


Is It Gaming

Mobile gaming, at its core, has always be seen as a more casual gaming experience. Designed to be played on the go and while away from your other consoles or PC. And we see the argument made all the time that it isn’t actual gaming.

This mentality comes from the fact that one of the most popular genres of mobile gaming is AFK games. These games are designed to function in the background, progressing while the player isn’t playing. Allowing casual gamers to make progress all hours of the day. But recently we have seen this genre move towards a more competitive environment. I have seen a lot of streamers providing an afk arena code for new players to try to boost the player base of these games.

And because of it, we are now seeing a lot more competitive tournaments happening within these games. Another great example of Clash of Clans and Clash Royale. Both very competitive games based entirely around PvP. It isn’t uncommon for cash prizes to be won from these games. So why isn’t mobile gaming already considered an E-Sport?


The Move to Sport

The biggest thing stopping mobile gaming from being considered an actual E-Sport is the player base. While a lot of people play mobile games, there are never enough concurrent users to really establish it as a fully-fledged sport. This is because people have often conflicting schedules. Also, when gamers do have a lot of free time they will primarily spend it on consoles or PC. This means the main gamer demographic isn’t actively taking part in the mobile gaming community.

But, we are seeing a surge in the younger generations using mobile gaming as their primary gaming platform. The advantage of mobile games being playable during school time and being all-around cheaper than other gaming formats. This means as this generation grows there will be more demand for a fully competitive E-Sports scene dedicated to Mobile Gaming

In fact, we are already seeing some companies push for it. Microsoft is considering investing in mobile gaming tournaments, with plans to set up the first official mobile gaming E-Sports teams. This would be a huge step towards solidifying the format as a sport and would allow Microsoft to secure themselves a nice footnote in the history of gaming as well.

But what do you think? Should mobile gaming be considered a fully-fledged sport like other gaming formats? Or do you think it isn’t proper gaming at all?


18 06, 2020

Do You Know How Jazz Did Evolve?

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Jazz is one kind which has changed with the occasions. It has advanced from being a heedless structure to a well determinable fragile classification of music. It has initially turned out in the universal war times when life was actually a disarray of sorts with all the bombarding going around and not knowing whether you will live incredible. From that point till this day jazz has really come out far. Not just has it changed while in transit to advancement yet it has additionally guzzled the best from most societies that it has run over. Is has changed itself and is currently very not the same as what it used to be the point at which it began as a sort.

Truth be told it even brought forth various famous classes of this day other than remaining alive all alone. Numerous individuals anyway don’t think about the starting point of this tune structure. Individuals regularly partner with the white Americans while it is really the advancement by the African Americans who remain in America and have been sent there as slaves during the prior piece of the seventeenth century when dominion was wild. In any case, these individuals stirred up the southern blues with it to make it the principal structure that jazz took back then. Be that as it may, it was what the Afro-Americans used to call “hot jazz”.

Be that as it may, as time went on, in the extremely beginning of the twentieth century there was an extraordinary obstruction destined to this type of music and thusly it must be advanced into something different with the goal that the music structure could endure and was not cleared out only. This happened in light of the fact that the melody structure had spread quickly to Chicago and different parts in the north of the United States. At these spots the groups who had faith in this sort of singing used to perform yet keeping society under control, in the very edges of the equivalent.

Actually during the Prohibition that was uncontrolled in the 1920’s jazz began to turn into a type of dissent truly in light of the fact that the verses of the music turned out to be extremely wanton and free. Unlawful words, and expressions were utilized and frequently this music was played in the red light zones of the nation. Hence jazz came to be connected with the wantonness that was going around in this period.

In any case, nothing could stop this music in spite of the fact that the downturn that followed in the nation effected the then well known type of jazz, the Dixieland jazz, the music of debauchery. In any case, the downturn couldn’t slaughter off jazz in light of the fact that when everything came back to typical jazz began getting famous among the youthful young people and the school goers. Since it was one music which contacted the young subsequently it was hard to expel the class completely. Groups started to frame and the music began being played all once again school grounds. The American youth spread their arms all the way open for jazz and acknowledged this music sort as their own.

With a particular goal in mind it was a major triumph for the darker looking individuals living in the nation in light of the fact that the tune structure was at last that of the Africans who had initially come to America as slaves, ponders from the East. In this way, the acknowledgment of jazz for its melodic quality by the youthful white Americans was actually a modification that the old whites needed to make and subsequently jazz discovered its situation in the white American culture.