1 08, 2021

The Funniest Pop Quizzes Currently Online

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If you are someone that enjoys keeping your brain challenged, then you may take part in a lot of quizzes. Due to nationwide restrictions, a lot of the pub and local quizzes that we all used to love have unfortunately been put on hold. If you are still interested in quizzing, then we recommend that you try some online quizzes. Here are the funniest pop quizzes currently online.  

Guess That Song  

Guess The Song! by Conversion, LLC

If you have ever been to a pub quiz, then you will know that there is always a music round where you listen to clips of audio, then you try and guess what the song is. Guess That Song is a full quiz of just guessing the song, which is great for any of you music buffs out there. This is very challenging, but once you have tried it out a few times online, you’ll be ready to take on your local quizzes once they are open.



Pop Culture Quiz 

There is a lot of history within pop culture, along with a lot of iconic moments that are hard to forget.  If you think you have a decent knowledge of pop culture, why not try a celebrity pop culture quiz.These quizzes are great to play with friends as it challenges what you all remember.  

Guess The Band Members 

How To Find Band Members In Your Area - Music Industry How To

Something that I’m sure that we are all guilty of is not knowing the name of band members aside from their main singer. If you want to test just how limited your knowledge of band members is, then this is the quiz for you. Much like a classic guess the celebrity game, the quiz simply shows you a picture of the band members and you have to try and name each and every one of them. 

5 07, 2021

5 Ways to Get your Harry Potter Fix Outside the Books

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If you have not already watched the Harry Potter Movies then I would highly urge you to do so, unlike many cases where the expectations of a movie are not what was promised within the book it is my opinion that both platforms are great pieces of entertainment telling a truly amazing story of an even more amazing magical world. The Harry Potter Movies are a great visualization to accompany the story that is told in the books with many high-profile actors to keep the standard.


Audio Books

Many people have not discovered the relaxation and how different it is to read a book aloud, using audiobooks to provide a different atmosphere whilst you enter the world of Harry Potter is something that you just try if you call yourself a fan of the books. If you are sick of reading the physical copy it can be highly motivational to put on an audiobook whilst you are going about your day to day errands, and if you are not a big reader but don’t want to avoid missing out on any of those extra details then buying the audiobook format would be perfect for you.


Warner Brothers Studio

For those of you with a more extravagant budget, or maybe you have some small Harry Potter fans in your family and are looking for a day out, the Warner Brothers studio tour would be a perfect trip for anyone who enjoys the magical world. With huge exhibits and behind-the-scenes gossip about filming the movies this day out is not one to miss if you are a fan of Harry Potter and would like to find out more about the special effects and the process behind what you see on the big screen.




Pottermore provides hundreds of activities and special quizzes about the Harry Potter franchise, if you are looking for some form of entertainment and the books just aren’t cutting it for you anymore, why not try searching for the Pottermore website. With lots of fun activities for all ages including the sorting hat quiz and the wand selection game, you could keep yourself and your children occupied for many hours learning new things about the magic within the franchise. This website is free to use so there really is no reason why you shouldn’t give the page a try the next time boredom is setting in.



The next time you are looking for your Harry Potter fix away from the books, why not try tracking down some rare and exclusive merchandise, the books have a long history and a lot of merch now exists to the point that there are some great collectors items out there for purchase. If you are a big fan of the franchise I can bet that you love to expand your collection, if you are lacking the budget for the new expensive Pisces why not try looking at secondhand options online or in thrift stores to save yourself some money.

1 07, 2021

The Top Three Twitch Channels you Need to Follow

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Twitch is a streaming service where content creators can provide live streams to their followers and get quite a bit of money from doing so. There are thousands of people active on the platform but here are three of the most popular Twitch channels that you should follow if you are interested in new gaming content.



Daequan is a very popular Twitch streamer with much of his success coming from official competitions on games like Overwatch and Fortnite where he placed very highly, these official competitions are great money makers for the streamers who compete in them and can also bring them many more followers who are intrigued by gaming skill. If you’re looking to create your own Twitch channel but are worried about not having many followers in the beginning, you could try to buy twitch followers to give your ratings a head start.



Ninja is another Twitch channel which you should definitely follow if you are looking for high-quality content and narration whilst he plays the most popular games. He is particularly skilled when it comes to first-person shooters like Fortnite and Call of Duty which has brought him a lot of success as his followers tune in to his daily shows to see his high gameplay skill in action.


Dr. Lupo

The final Twitch channel that you should definitely consider subscribing to would have to be Dr. Lupo, his channel consists of well-edited and high-energy gameplay that can keep you entertained for hours no matter what game he is playing. Lupo also recently conducted various interviews discussing how he turned gaming into a professional career for himself and how normal people can implement aspects of this job into their own professional lives, he has worked in the industry for many years now so this advice is to be trusted in my opinion.

25 04, 2021

The 5 Most Practical Celebrity Homes

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As the spring season looms on us many people around the world are looking at ways they can spruce up their home, with many choosing to complete huge renovations whilst the weather is suitable for outdoor work. Many celebrities on social media are also altering their homes and showing off their tricks to their many followers. Whether or not you have the budget for large-scale work to be done on your home or you are looking for small decorative changes these celebrities offer some great inspiration.  


Stacey Solomon

 Stacey Solomon has been marketing herself as a homeware and craft page for some time, with her almost daily projects making ornate decorations and kitting out the rooms in her new home to have a more modern style. I think it is safe to say that Stacey has one of the most followed pages and her work on interior design has really helped, she has had no formal training, and yet most things that she has put together come out to a professional standard so she must be doing something right. Stacey’s new cottage-style home is a dream for most of us but thanks to her informative posts you can at least bring some of her styles into your own home.  


Mrs. Hinch

 Mrs. Hinch is a world-famous social media personality with a very practical home, her Instagram account showing off her beautifully designed home has gained her many followers and success. Much like Stacey, she caters to a wide range of people showing projects that can be done on a number of different budgets. Her most recent bid to make her home more practical for the spring would have to be the recent renovations she has shown being done to her garden, including concrete in the patio space and new planters being installed. If you are looking to complete similar renovations then I would urge you to contact a professional as working with concrete can be very difficult.  


Claire Holt

 Claire Holt is a very popular Australian actor who now resides in the California area, since her move overseas she has been completel8ng a lot of work that she has shown all over her many social media accounts. Seeing a home in such an idyllic location and climate is enough to make anyone jealous, however, Claire has been doing, many creative projects herself, and the results have been very effective in creating a home that is not only practical but also has a very modern and attractive design.  

Joe Wicks

 Joe Wicks is another very popular Instagram, known mainly for his fitness workouts that he has been posting for free on his pages. With his new success, Joe has recently moved into a much larger house with a huge garden for his children to enjoy. If you are looking to renovate your home to a style that is comparable to Joe’s home then I would recommend that you take a look at his pages as he has provided links to many of the small businesses that he used to make his home it is today. 


Ferne Mccann

 The final celebrity on this list who must be commended for the quality and aesthetic of their home would be Ferne Mccann, as a single mother it must be very hard to balance a busy career with being able to look after a child and maintain a lovely home but Mccann has done it. Her lavish country home is very nice to look at and Ferne’s unique design and choice of style make it that much more luxurious.  

11 11, 2020

5 Of the Most Scandalous Moments Caught by Paparazzi

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As a planet, we have a love-hate relationship with the paparazzi. On one hand, we can’t really get on board with how invasive they are in the lives of celebrities, however, where would we be without all of their images exposing the lives of the rich and famous? Without the paparazzi, a lot of the most popular scandals that have formed our celebrity culture would only be hearsay without the proof that has been provided to us through the work of the Paparazzi. This makes it very difficult to condemn them. Here are our five favorite scandalous moments caught by the paparazzi.


Kristen Stewart Scandal

In 2012, the paparazzi released some pictures that shook millions of teenage fans to the core. The beloved actress, Kristen Stewart, was caught engaging in amorous activities with her Huntsman director, Rupert Sanders. The pictures that were released to the public showed Stewart and Sanders in a compromising position, which all but confirmed that they were engaging in a sexual relationship. This news was talked about everywhere for months and the images could be seen in every big magazine and all over social media. These images being released to the public meant the end of Stewart’s relationship with her boyfriend and co-star Robert Pattison and also meant that movie executives became hesitant to cast her for some time.


Lindsay Lohan Drug Reveal

Another image that really shocked the world was when we all saw the famous childhood star, Lindsay Lohan, with what looked like cocaine on her nose. The image was taken as Lindsay Lohan was leaving a party with a fellow star, Paris Hilton. She looked clearly disheveled and there was no doubt that she was indeed on a substance of some sort. This was a big surprise that later made a lot of sense as she was charged with driving under the influence in the following months.


Amy Winehouse’s Episode

One heartbreaking moment that paparazzi managed to get on camera was the unfortunate decline of the singer Amy Whinehouse. The picture shows her crying in the streets, clearly not in a very good mental position. This picture was taken amongst the darkest part of her addiction and truly showed the world just how much help Amy needed. For Amy, this picture served as somewhat of a wakeup call and helped her stay clean for some time before her unfortunate premature death.


Peaches Geldof’s Stumble

On a lighter note, another scandal that was picked up by the paparazzi was Peaches Geldof’s unfortunate pram incident. The picture showed the star distracted on her phone while her baby fell from the pram. There were a series of images that showed her quickly ensuring her baby was ok and then continuing with her walk. Though this could have been a more unfortunate story, the baby was absolutely fine and Peaches later went on to laugh about the situation, labeling it a ‘blonde moment’. Luckily for her, the images that were up were not very clear as the paparazzi member that saw it was using a poor quality camera. If you want to be a member of the paparazzi, make sure you always have different types of digital camera to hand so that you will get a clear image.


Princess Diana’s Final Moments

Lastly, one of the most haunting images that have ever been captured by the paparazzi was the final moments of Princess Diana. The picture shows a distressed Diana in the back of a vehicle, with her partner at the time. Minutes after the picture was taken, the princess was unfortunately involved in a crash that resulted in her death. To this day, the image only leaves us wondering what they could have been talking about in that car.

19 10, 2020

The Most Popular Music Channels on YouTube Ranked!

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YouTube has been a platform for many types of entertainment, for many years; from gaming to science, from education to recreation; YouTube has been, and continues to be, a home for anything that can be recorded. Of course, one of the largest categories to take up the YouTube platform is that of the music category. Even to this day, YouTube continues to be a service where music artists share and bring fame to their work.  Many have won renown from their use of the YouTube platform. Some found that it’s easy to buy youtube subscribers from sites like themarketingheaven.com and used this method to reach critical acclaim. Others used more traditional advertising techniques to rise up. So, without further ado, here are the most popular music channels ranked!


Number Four

Billie Eilish rolled onto the music scene from the fog; her music became instantaneously popular, almost overnight. Her first song, ‘Lovely’, performed with collaborator Khalid, which was set to the heartbreaking Netflix show ’13 Reasons Why’, garnered the artist snowballing fame. Eilish and her brother wrote songs that continued to top the charts with their ingenuity, unique sound, and Eilish’s powerful but subtle voice. Even though fame was bought to Eilish early in her career, her fans reached across all ages. Eilish’s career, I’m sure, will oversee many generations before coming to a close. Eilish, now performing more songs written by herself, will not fall from popular music for a very long while to come.


Number Three

At number three is Arianna Grande. Arianna Grande has been a popular figure for years; from her beginnings on the American Nickelodeon TV series ‘Victorious’, to ‘Sam and Cat’, to becoming the Arianna Grande we know today. The artist has only ever garnered respect, not only for her incredible singing talent but also for her political stances and humble nature. Grande’s music continues to be some of the highest-ranked music in western society. Grande also often performs with famous collaborators such as Niki Manage, Lady Gaga, and Justin Beeber who, together, make chart breaking music, bringing her to a very popular sport in the music world.


Number Two

Number two is Harry Styles. The former One Direction singer has since launched a solo career in music. The artist has not only taken the music world by storm but has brought themselves in on a myriad of political and social issues. Styles smashed ideas of gender norms through self-expression, fashion, and political stance. The artist has also remained humble in their booming career, remaining at the heart of many fans, as well as making new ones and inspiring a whole new generation, even after those who grew up with One Direction.


Number one

The YouTube channel ‘Colors’ has been on YouTube only since February 2016. Since then, the channel has accumulated 1,548,105,375 views on its videos. As of October 2020, Colors has 4.9 million subscribers. This may not be the largest number, but with the niche the channel brings, and the content they share, their following is relatively huge. What makes Colors the most popular music channel is their ability to showcase a range of modern, up-and-coming artists, boosting the performer’s careers and helping their fame lift off even quicker than without. Their channel reaches a global audience of whom relishes in the unique music on their channel.


These artists are popular for a good many reasons. Over their careers, whether long or short, their music has gained a following of millions, making their channels some of the most popular on YouTube.

18 06, 2020

The Evolution of Jazz Music in the 1930s

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Jazz is a melodic artistic expression that has extended well past its own type definition, changing with each time and bringing forth incalculable other mainstream present day kind structures all the while. As an aesthetic development of African American people group essentially in the Southern locale of the United States, jazz discovers its most punctual roots in New Orleans, where dark entertainers mixed Southern blues, the frightening varieties of Caribbean music, and a changed type of customary European instrumentation.

Protection from “hot jazz” in the mid twentieth century eventually added to the development of jazz music during the 1930s. During the 1920s, jazz music had spread toward the North, Chicago and New York, where groups gave their exhibitions on the edges of society. During the Prohibition period, jazz was frequently acted in unlawful speakeasies and the Red Light area, causing this “wild” music to be related with the wantonness of that time. Notwithstanding, with the beginning of the downturn the Dixieland jazz that had commanded up until the finish of the 1920s was step by step superseded.

The End of Dixieland

Jazz gradually started to sneak in at the edges of standard music in view of its ubiquity on school grounds, and as a rule, among American youth. The advancement of jazz music during the 1930s added up to a trade off between the music business and the more established age of white Americans, who were continuously tolerating the nearness of jazz music in mainstream society. In any case, this expanding promotion influenced an impressive weakening of the structure, shedding a significant part of the crude, unrehearsed nature of prior Dixieland jazz.

Dixieland was portrayed by the combination of numerous structures – polyrhythmic ragtimes, the low pitch of blue notes, French Quadrilles, and act of spontaneity, just as an enormous beat area of the trombone, trumpets, tuba, guitars, clarinet, the piano, drums, and banjo. It was unusual, and the individual entertainers exhibited their improvisational abilities, playing from their spirits not their notes.

The Rise of Big Band Swing

Toward the start of the decade white large band swing entertainers played “sweet” jazz, utilizing violins and organized sheet music. The explanations behind this specific development of jazz music during the 1930s were twofold. It was progressively made and less hostile to the more established white American crowd. Simultaneously, the beginning of the Depression made an across the board requirement for modest merriments, and jazz-propelled music step by step picked up balance in the recently blossoming radio industry.

The more conspicuous swing courses of action advanced when moving got connected to large band. Move styles, for example, the Lindy Hop, that had been advocated in dark networks during the 1920s were appropriated by white adolescents and presented in ballrooms. Swing ensembles expanded, with 20-25 pieces in an average band. Music was as yet organized, yet singular entertainers were given complex performances, and as was additionally run of the mill in sweet jazz, an artist performed vocals to the music. Well known entertainers of the period incorporate Shep Fields, Benny Goodman, and Glenn Miller.

The undomesticated “hot jazz” of dark entertainers – including Duke Ellington, Count Basie, and Jimmie Lunceford – persevered all through the enormous band time, however never picked up the prevalence of its white partner. Large band without any help commanded media outlets, reaching out past radio to TV and film during the 1940s. The advancement of jazz music during the 1930s prompted its possible prominence over the mainland and later, universally. Jazz music has been adjusted all inclusive across social lines, however its modest roots stay in New Orleans, Louisiana.

18 06, 2020

Do You Know How Jazz Did Evolve?

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Jazz is one kind which has changed with the occasions. It has advanced from being a heedless structure to a well determinable fragile classification of music. It has initially turned out in the universal war times when life was actually a disarray of sorts with all the bombarding going around and not knowing whether you will live incredible. From that point till this day jazz has really come out far. Not just has it changed while in transit to advancement yet it has additionally guzzled the best from most societies that it has run over. Is has changed itself and is currently very not the same as what it used to be the point at which it began as a sort.

Truth be told it even brought forth various famous classes of this day other than remaining alive all alone. Numerous individuals anyway don’t think about the starting point of this tune structure. Individuals regularly partner with the white Americans while it is really the advancement by the African Americans who remain in America and have been sent there as slaves during the prior piece of the seventeenth century when dominion was wild. In any case, these individuals stirred up the southern blues with it to make it the principal structure that jazz took back then. Be that as it may, it was what the Afro-Americans used to call “hot jazz”.

Be that as it may, as time went on, in the extremely beginning of the twentieth century there was an extraordinary obstruction destined to this type of music and thusly it must be advanced into something different with the goal that the music structure could endure and was not cleared out only. This happened in light of the fact that the melody structure had spread quickly to Chicago and different parts in the north of the United States. At these spots the groups who had faith in this sort of singing used to perform yet keeping society under control, in the very edges of the equivalent.

Actually during the Prohibition that was uncontrolled in the 1920’s jazz began to turn into a type of dissent truly in light of the fact that the verses of the music turned out to be extremely wanton and free. Unlawful words, and expressions were utilized and frequently this music was played in the red light zones of the nation. Hence jazz came to be connected with the wantonness that was going around in this period.

In any case, nothing could stop this music in spite of the fact that the downturn that followed in the nation effected the then well known type of jazz, the Dixieland jazz, the music of debauchery. In any case, the downturn couldn’t slaughter off jazz in light of the fact that when everything came back to typical jazz began getting famous among the youthful young people and the school goers. Since it was one music which contacted the young subsequently it was hard to expel the class completely. Groups started to frame and the music began being played all once again school grounds. The American youth spread their arms all the way open for jazz and acknowledged this music sort as their own.

With a particular goal in mind it was a major triumph for the darker looking individuals living in the nation in light of the fact that the tune structure was at last that of the Africans who had initially come to America as slaves, ponders from the East. In this way, the acknowledgment of jazz for its melodic quality by the youthful white Americans was actually a modification that the old whites needed to make and subsequently jazz discovered its situation in the white American culture.