If you have not already watched the Harry Potter Movies then I would highly urge you to do so, unlike many cases where the expectations of a movie are not what was promised within the book it is my opinion that both platforms are great pieces of entertainment telling a truly amazing story of an even more amazing magical world. The Harry Potter Movies are a great visualization to accompany the story that is told in the books with many high-profile actors to keep the standard.


Audio Books

Many people have not discovered the relaxation and how different it is to read a book aloud, using audiobooks to provide a different atmosphere whilst you enter the world of Harry Potter is something that you just try if you call yourself a fan of the books. If you are sick of reading the physical copy it can be highly motivational to put on an audiobook whilst you are going about your day to day errands, and if you are not a big reader but don’t want to avoid missing out on any of those extra details then buying the audiobook format would be perfect for you.


Warner Brothers Studio

For those of you with a more extravagant budget, or maybe you have some small Harry Potter fans in your family and are looking for a day out, the Warner Brothers studio tour would be a perfect trip for anyone who enjoys the magical world. With huge exhibits and behind-the-scenes gossip about filming the movies this day out is not one to miss if you are a fan of Harry Potter and would like to find out more about the special effects and the process behind what you see on the big screen.




Pottermore provides hundreds of activities and special quizzes about the Harry Potter franchise, if you are looking for some form of entertainment and the books just aren’t cutting it for you anymore, why not try searching for the Pottermore website. With lots of fun activities for all ages including the sorting hat quiz and the wand selection game, you could keep yourself and your children occupied for many hours learning new things about the magic within the franchise. This website is free to use so there really is no reason why you shouldn’t give the page a try the next time boredom is setting in.



The next time you are looking for your Harry Potter fix away from the books, why not try tracking down some rare and exclusive merchandise, the books have a long history and a lot of merch now exists to the point that there are some great collectors items out there for purchase. If you are a big fan of the franchise I can bet that you love to expand your collection, if you are lacking the budget for the new expensive Pisces why not try looking at secondhand options online or in thrift stores to save yourself some money.