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October 27, 2016

RIP Mr Bruce DeMoll

We knew he hadn’t been feeling well for some time and while we were away Bruce DeMoll passed on Wednesday Oct 12th at his home in Vienna, WV. He was one of our favorites and to many others also. (see SPOTLIGHT! May 11, 2015) We often would catch him during Martini Monday’s at the Blennerhassett Hotel in Parkersburg, (see “jazz at the blenny…” July `2, 2015) or the weekly Sunday Brunch at the hotel. Once perhaps 10 years ago we were able to do an interview with him while writing for Mid-Ohio Valley Blues, Jazz & Folk Music Society. Bruce had quite a story to tell and believe it was published as a hard copy in a BJFM newsletter. Got no idea if there’s any copies around today but if anyone knows of one please let us know. Bruce will be missed by all who knew him. The obiturary can be seen at Parkersburg News & Sentinel from Oct 13th.



RIP Ms Beth Ann Clark

Also we were unaware but long time friend of Court Street Grill, Beth Ann Clark passed away due to complications of Cystic Fibrosis. There was a Celebration of Life held on Friday Oct 21st at the Grill. Quote Jackie, “Nobody enjoyed the live music scene here as much as Beth and we’re pretty sure this is what she would have wanted.” Please see article from Oct 21st in Meigs Independent Press.



Attention Gumbo Charly!
Coming to Sarasota. Our friend Dane Tilghman will be at [blank] Slate Gallery Fri Nov 4th thru Sat Nov 26th. We’ve seen Dane and his work many times at various events. A really good guy with beautiful art work. Check him and his art work out if you get the chance in the Burns Court area of Sarasota at 538 South Pineapple Ave.


It might be too late but we’ll say so anyway. Received via JW Juke the following notice:
Dear President of the Blues Society,
I would like to ask you to forward this message to the Members of your Blues Society, cause every Blues Lover might be interested to know about this Blues News.
I am pleased to inform you about, that my art photo book “showtime“ 10 years of – mainly blues – music history in images (2004-2014) will be out in a few days. I’m happy and proud to let you know, that this art book (limited edition) will be presented by the Jazz Fest Vienna, as well as by “Reigen“ the best blues club in Vienna Austria and by the Cognac Blues Passions in July 2017 in France, and it was born to benefit The Music Maker Relief Foundation in Hillsborough, NC.
Only 3 days left to get this “must have“ blues art photo book without shipping and handling costs. If you order it directly from the website: you’ll receive not only a beautiful book, a huge collection of exceptional musician photo portraits, but the perfect Christmas present for yourself or for your loved ones. With every purchased copy you too! will support the Music Maker Relief Foundation.
I thank you for that, bluesingly, Beate Sandor


big sale @ Alligator Records

Chicago’s Alligator Records is having a Halloween Storewide Sale the entire month of October.


book signing


Word from Shelly Ritter: If you find yourself in the Delta next week check out the Martin Hawkins book signing. Author of Slim Harpo: Blues KING BEE of Baton Rouge will be at The Delta Museum in Clarksdale Tuesday Nov 1st at 1:00pm.









expansion planned

Legendary Chicago blues club Kingston Mines is expanding. Plans are for a 3,000 square foot addition that will accommodate 150 more people. Click HERE for complete article.









Brand new album by Bobby Rush is available now. “Porcupine Meat” includes guest performances from Keb’ Mo’, Joe Bonamassa, Dave Alvin and Vasti Jackson.

Cab Driving Man” by Mississippi Heat is now available.



Early notice from our friends in Chester, SC:
The MLK Jr. Blues Festival is set for Jan 12-13-14-15, 2017. Stellar line up includes Austin “Walkin’ Cane”, Johnny Rawls, Kingbees, Lady D and more.
The MLK Jr. Blues Festival celebrates the ideals of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., freedom, nonviolence, harmony, peace, love, brotherhood, justice through a uplifting music of freedom, the blues, in recognition of the Dr. Martin Luther King National Holiday weekend. The microphone will be opened as audiance members all will have an opportunity to share their thoughts of times past and present and their hopes for the future. 2nd Thursday Blues a South Carolina nonprofit whose mantra is “Revitalizing Chester,SC One Song at a Time” presents this festival and all proceeds will benefit 2nd Thursday Blues in continuing establishing Blues Music Tourism and cultural enrichment in Chester County. Listen to your heart, hear with your soul, brotherhood & the blues is for everyone!


don’t do this!


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  1. Gumbo Charly on October 27, 2016 at 5:53 PM

    Well we’ve missed your posts Mr. Kingsnake, glad to see you’re back at it. I’ll keep an eye out for your friend Dane Tighman and his artwork. Thanks for continuing to keep us informed on things and events from Chester S.C. to Chicago IL, and everything in between!

    • crawlinkingsnake on October 31, 2016 at 10:25 AM

      Thanks for the kind words Gumbo. I’ve been a little slow to respond lately as I “fell off the wagon”. No not what you probably think, but really did fall off a wagon! Never try to ride your spouses garden wagon down a hill. Especially at me age…..

  2. Alan Balfour on October 28, 2016 at 9:29 AM

    For what it’s worth I purchased the Slim Harpo book as soon as it was available. Like all Martin Hawkins books, articles etc etc it’s a first class read as well as a dedicated piece of research.

    I’ve taken the liberty of scanning the very first published feature about Harpo
    (R&B Scene February 1965 p 6, 14 & 16) Needless to say it was penned by a couple of Brits. 🙂

    The Slim Harpo Story

    Much has been said about the Excello label, and its artists, but, as in so many instances, a lot of fiction has crept in with the facts. Before saying anything about Slim Harpo, I think that it is necessary to say something about the man who was, and still is, responsible for recording him. This man is Jay Miller—record shop owner, talent scout, and song writer, who comes from the small Louisiana town of Crowley.

    Miller’s shop has now grown into a recording studio and office for his several record labels. Although he records anything, and professes a preference for C & W music, it is through his blues recordings that he has become famous in England. Through his contract to record blues for Excello, plus the recordings that appear on his own labels like Feature, Rocko, Zynn, a steady stream of Louisiana artistes have become nationally known. These artists not only record solely for Miller, but are also managed by him, and their songs copyrighted through his Jamil Music Co., Lightnin’ Slim, Lazy Lester, Lonesome Sundown, Whispering Smith, Leroy Washington, and scores of others owe their all to him. Slim Harpo comes from this same recording environment, though he has something the others haven’t yet. This is the credit for having a million seller in the “pop” field called “Rainin’ In My Heart.”

    Slim was born in the parish of West Baton Rouge on February 1Ith, 1924, and christened James Moore. The art of the harmonica came naturally to him, and by the time he was in his ‘teens he was proficient enough to entertain his school mates. Then, whilst in his 10th grade, tragedy struck. He lost both his mother and father, and became the sole supporter of a brother and three young sisters. He had no alternative but to leave school, and started work as a stevedore in New Orleans.

    Later he returned to Baton Rouge to work as a labourer and in the evenings would play harp in the local clubs, building up his repertoire, and gaining much valuable experience. It was in one of these clubs that Jay Miller, out on a talent hunting trip, found him in 1957. Miller, excited by his discovery took him to Crowley and recorded him for the Excello label. His first record—the very distinctive “I’m A King Bee” became an immediate hit. This driving song with its lyrics devoted to sexual prowess is still in my opinion his greatest record.

    His second release was entitled “Strange Love” and was issued in 1958, but was mediocre compared with its predecessor, and the same can be said for his next, “You’ll Be Sorry One Day.” Then came another two classics—”Buzz Me Babe,” and “Blues Hang over.” Slim’s strange, almost nasal vocal style coupled with some really beautiful harp work turned these into two superb blues. Slim is at his best on slow, dragging numbers featuring heavy bass guitar, and these two, coupled with “King Bee,” made him a name to be reckoned with on the R & B scene.

    It is a pity that Slim’s first excursion into the pop field in 1961 produced the million selling “Rainin’ In My Heart.” Although this was a great record as far as pop records go, it turned Slim away from the blues to the new, and more lucrative market, that appeared before him. Although no one could blame him for this, its effect was saddening to the lovers of the “down-home” Slim Harpo. The other effect of this success was that Slim left Baton Rouge on a long series of engagements and could not be induced back to the studio to cut a follow-up. Although Excello quickly issued an L.P. entitled “Rainin’ In My Heart” plus a single to cover up, it was not until the end of last year that the money trail ended and Slim was recorded again. The result of this was an attempt to cash in on his two big hits, and we now have “Little Queen Bee,” and “Still Rainin’ In My Heart.” Both of these are well done, but are nothing compared to the originals.

    Until the day when someone brings out Slim’s L.P. in England, I urge anyone who hasn’t got it to have a good try. Except for a couple of below average items, the rest, including his best issued items, and some great unissued ones such as “My Home Is A Prison,” (a brilliant remake of the Lonesome Sundown success), make this a buy I would recommend to anyone. It is hoped that Jay Miller will allow Slim to record as he did in his early days once more, and thus provide us with another memorable blues. It makes me sorry to see an artist of such tremendous potential going to waste through no fault of his own. Now that Stateside have issued three of his songs on the L.P. “Authentic R & B,” perhaps we can persuade them to give us more. We certainly hope so!


    All Slim sides were recorded in Crowley between 1957 and 1964. Usually his backing consists of lead guitar, bass guitar, drums, and occasionally sax and piano added. The people who back him include the following; Al Foreman (lead guitar), Bobby McBride (bass guitar), Warren Storm (drums), Katy Webster (piano), and Lionel Torrence (tenor sax). Slim has played harp on all his records up until now except on “My Home Is A Prison,” on which Lazy Lester is heard.

    Excello 2113—I’m A King Bee/I Got Love If You Want It.
    Excello 2138—Wonderin’ And Worryin’/Strange Love.
    Excello 2162—You’ll Be Sorry One Day/One More Day.
    Excello 2171—Buzz Me Babe /Late Last Night.
    Excello 2184—Blues Hangover /What A Dream.
    Excello 2194—Rainin’ In My Heart/Don’t Start Cryin’ Now.
    Excello 2239—Buzzin’/I Love The Life I’m Livin’
    Excello 2246—I Need Money (Keep Your Alibis)/Little Queen Bee.
    Excello 2253—We’re Two Of A Kind/Still Rainin’ In My Heart.

    Excello L.P. 8003—”Rainin’ In My Heart.”
    Rainin’ In My Heart/Blues Hangover/Bobby-Sox Baby/I Got Love If You Want It/Snoopin’ Around/Buzz Me Babe/I’m A King Bee/What A Dream/Don’t Start Cryin’Now /Moody Blues/My Home Is A Prison/Dream Girl.

  3. crawlinkingsnake on October 31, 2016 at 10:46 AM

    Thanks for the input Alan, much appreciated as always! For those who don’t know, and there’s probably quite a few, Slim Harpo not only recorded “I’m a King Bee” and “Raining In My Heart” but a favorite to many would be “Scratch My Back” from 1966.
    Check out this version with great video

    • crawlinkingsnake on October 31, 2016 at 10:48 AM

      btw: I gotta admit I had to look up the word “stevedore”. Had never heard it before now.

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