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September 21, 2016

work group from Parchman Farm rebuilding front of Sarah’s Kitchen, around 2005?


Miss Sarah Moore

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Sept 20 1935 Sarah Moore, Clarksdale, MS. Miss Sarah would have been 81 this past Tuesday. She operated one of our very favorite jooks in Clarksdale until her passing. Sarah was killed in an early morning traffic accident on Highway 61 Oct 30th 2009. If memory serves me right, believe she was returning from her other job as cook at Parchman Farm. Her popular club, Sarah’s Kitchen offered real-deal Southern eats while serving as proving ground for Delta blues musicians as well as international stars, young and old, fledgling and veterans. Can remember there one night while sitting on the floor, Terry “Harmonica” Bean and James T-Model Ford in what was unquestionably one of the best shows ever. It was completely filled with absolutely no available seats, but we were just happy to be there and sit anywhere. Can also remember in 2010 standing in the back, straining to see/hear an emotional Roger Stolle awarding the first The Miss Sarah Award to her. Created in her honor, the Miss Sarah Award is given each year during Juke Joint Fest to one living and one passed member of the Clarksdale community who have “given back” notably in the area of blues, tourism and/or community support. Happy birthday to a sweet lady, Miss Sarah Moore. We’re always gonna miss you.



Sonny Turner ‘n some tourist…

The WV All Black Schools Sports & Academics Hall of Fame induction weekend was bigger than even expected. Although was only able to attend Friday night the ballroom at Embassy Suites was PACKED. By accident found myself sitting beside Cynthia Taylor and the rest of Stratus band from Charleston. At one point Dave Loyd leaned across the table, smiled and ask, “do you realize you’re among royalty?” I had to laugh and said, “I didn’t when I sat down but do now!” After talking learned they’ve been around for over 40 years. Some like bass player Kai Haynes had even played with the great Curtis Price.
Like always it was good to see Lady D, Marshall Petty, Priscilla Price with husband Kwame and many others. Nice to meet Michael Lipton, President of WV Music Hall of Fame. Also Bob Thompson and discuss ‘ole times and places at WV State. And what a thrill to meet former Platters lead singer Sonny Turner. Originally from Fairmont, Sonny did an outstanding job on Only You. He also thanked former Secretary of State from Marion County, A. James Manchin, for always supporting him. Sadly wasn’t able to stick around all evening and was told I missed out on some great performances by Michael Orr, Sonny Turner, Spyder Turner and others. Thanks to all who no doubt work very hard to put this amazing event on.




Dennis McClung Blues Band @ Parkersburg Brewing Company

On Saturday stopped by The Parkersburg Brewery for about an hour to catch some of Dennis McClung Blues Band. Like always the band was great and the “grand opening” for this new venue was nearly shoulder to shoulder. Couldn’t actually decide if the crowd was there to hear the band, or to drink craft brews or to just scope things out. Whatever the reason can’t help but think they got a taste of some great blues and perhaps have become a new fan. Never did get the one beer I ordered. But somewhat understandable with near chaotic conditions inside had the staff running all directions trying to keep up. All is forgiven (this time). The place is beautiful and should be successful at their location next door to Mango’s Restuarant on Market Street. We’ll definitely go back but probably after some of the “new” wears off. Also hope they continue to book some more “live” blues in the future.
As we’re leaving drove down Market past the Blennerhassett Hotel where Downtown Throwdown was going on. It too was packed with more “live” music and people enjoying many different types BBQ and micro-brews. Have to say all-in-all it had to been a very good evening for downtown P-burg!



*following taken in part from Chicago BLUES News:

New book by Ed Ward, Michael Bloomfield: The Rise & Fall of an American Guitar Hero is called the definitive biography of the legendary guitarist whom eminent figures like Muddy Waters and BB King held in high esteem, and who created the prototype for Clapton, Hendrix, Page, and everyone who followed.
See the Sept 12th article in Chicago Tribune by Rick Kogan. Michael Bloomfield’s life captured in new biography



BLAST FROM THE PAST: The following is reprinted from Sept 2011 PB&J’s newsletter. We’ve come across some quality stuff (or at least we think it’s quality stuff) and thought this was just waaay tooo good not to show again. The author is long time friend who’s name shall remain anonymous. That is unless RoyD would like to lay claim to this fable? Thanks RoyD, we loved it just as much today as when we first saw it… and like before we hope that “Juke-Boy Stubs” is continuing to do well leading a normal and successful life.

A Fable?
   by “The Singer” aka RoyD

“Tragedy Strikes 6KC”

It has come to my attention that not everyone is aware of the recent tragedy that has befallen our beloved guitarist Greg Kramer. Greg’s downward spiral began when he lost his big-shot Project Manager position at CityNet. Oh he tried to find a job once his 100 weeks (thanks Fed Govt) of unemployment ran out, but soon found out that he was underqualified to be a WalMart greeter or McDonalds “Fryer Specialist”, and overqualified for everything else. Greg took the plunge and risking a sizeable investment, went into business for himself. Things were looking up until he got a visit from the zoning board. Evidently, you’re not allowed to have a “Live Bait” stand in your front yard in Fairmont city limits. As if that wasn’t enough, it came to light that Greg’s martial arts instructor, who passed himself off as a Korean 4th degree Taekwondo blackbelt, is really a illegal immigrant from Guatemala who learned everything he knows from a “street fighting” DVD that he sent for out of the back of Soldier of Fortune magazine. The final blow came when I check-mated him playing Chess With Friends on our i-phones. That night, Greg took his last $5.00, bought a half gallon of Boone’s Farm Strawberry Hill (he got change back), and went down to the railroad tracks to drown his sorrows. Unfortunately he fell asleep (ok, passed out) and the West Virginia Zephyr came through and severed both his legs at the knees. There are vicious rumors swirling around that I had something to do with this so that I would no longer be the shortest guy in the band. I say to you that those are damnable lies. I can’t prove it, but I maintain that I was holed up in a darkened room with a bottle of Knob Creek Kentucky Straight Bourbon (small batch, aged 9 years) writing a song about how my baby (formerly known as The Angel) done me wrong, when the horrible accident took place. As for Greg, he has progressed nicely and never complains. The guys in the band have all pitched in for a set of casters that we are going to attach to the “Earthworms For Sale” sign that he no longer has use for, so that he can push himself around. Frankly, we’re getting tired of carrying him. There is one ray of light in this whole sordid tale. Greg can have a really cool blues-guy nickname in the tradition of Blind Willie McTell, Cripple Clarence Laughlin etc. We’re open to suggestions.

Obviously (‘least we hope it’s obvious) this is all with tongue planted firmly in cheek. RoyD aka “The Singer” was once the outfront man with a band from north-central West Virginia known as Six Kinds of Crazy




14390810_1122411294460755_5545052380468302402_nTONIGHT! Even though by the time you get this it’s probably too late, still thought it worth passing along to everyone. The Huntington Blues Society is celebrating it’s 3rd Anniversary tonight 7:00pm at the V-Club in Huntington. Quote Chris Sutton: “We’ve had over 28 acts. We’d like to thank them for make a monthly jam that is a hell of a lot of fun and support live, local and regional musicians.” Thank you HBS and congratulations!
Also on Sunday Sept 25th at The V Club will be their 2nd Annual Huntington Blues Challenge sponsored by The Huntington Blues Society. The V Club is located at 741 6th Avenue in Huntington, WV. Competition begins at 2:00pm.






John Mayall

*Friday Sept 23rd John Mayall at Notes/Copious, 518 South High St, Columbus, OH. Admission $35-$50.










logoSaturday Sept 24th Charlie’s Red Star Blues Barn welcomes Mississippi Bluesman Johnny Rawls & The Wild Honeybees with Noah Wotherspoon and Mudfork Blues. All in a great venue in a beautiful setting. Sponsored by Foothills Music Foundation. The FMF is “dedicated to enriching the quality of life in the foothills region of Southeastern Ohio by encouraging, promoting, and supporting music and the arts.” Showtime 5:00 ’til 10:30pm. Tickets $7.50 online and $10 at the door.







*Lady D says, “Come join me for some R&B, Jazz, Soul, Blues and a touch of Reggae! Hope to see you at one or more of these gigs!

Sept 22nd – The RailYard 530 Raleigh St. Bluefield, 7-10pm w/pianist Robert Gray (No Cover)
Sept 29th – Arts Mon 201 High St. Morgantown, Jazz & Blues 101 w/Jenny & Nathan Wilson 7pm (Donation @ the door)
Oct 7th – Southern Comfort Café – 1055 S. Fayette St. Beckley, 7-9pm w/guitarist Dan Bailey (No Cover)
Oct 8th – Raleigh Playhouse & Theatre, Beckley, WRC Candlelight Vigil 3pm (Free to the public)
For more on these and other gigs email to ladie_d@hotmail.com Also check Simply Jazz & Blues facebook
Thanks D!

*Really appreciate all those local, semi-locals, and not-even-close folks who take time to post our news briefs on their facebook page. Only wonder why others don’t do the same? We of course try to re-post news and information from many sources. After all we’re not in competition with anyone. As we see it, it’s all about linking up, getting word out, sharing news, spreading the wealth, etc, etc… What’s good for one is certainly good for the other.



*Johnny Winter memorabilia will be put on auction Sept 30th and Oct 1st at Gibson Brands Showroom in New York City. It’ll feature guitars, song notebooks and other memorabilia of the late Texas blues legend. Winter passed away July 16th, 2014. His collection of canes was auctioned off this past spring in Johnson City, Tennessee. In this auction are 5 uniquely shaped Gibson Firebirds. One of which was given to him from Muddy Waters. Also jewelry, scarves, hats and some extremely rare rock and blues posters and vintage photos. The collection is being sold for Winter’s family. Although we’ve not seen how yet, but they say internet bidding also will be offered.

*King Biscuit Blues Festival in just 3 weeks. Oct 5-6-7-8 in Helena, Arkansas is one of “the best” anywhere in the country. Yes Curt I do think we should try to make this one in 2017!

*Oct 7-8-9 PigMania State Championship BBQ & Blues Festival at the Marion County Fairgrounds in Marion, OH. Located north of Columbus on State Rt 423.

14317469_1122113587834376_1000297007604051322_n*Marshall Keys gives a “thumbs up“… Keys who hails from DC area is one of the top jazzmen anywhere. Seen him perform more than once in Clarksburg and we trust his opinion. Keys says, “Greg (Abate) is the truth!” Abate will be at one of our favorite venues, Washington Square in Clarksburg Sat Oct 8th and Sun Oct 9th.







*Next month Natalie’s Coal Fired Pizza, Worthington, OH two outstanding blues shows. Monday Oct 10th Tommy Castro and Thursday Oct 13th Maria Muldaur. $25 door each night.

*Classic British blues-rock of Kofi Baker’s CREAM Experience will be at Court Street Grill, 14225445_631779640357732_3049900005110720840_nPomeroy on Thur Oct 13th. Kofi Baker is the son of Ginger Baker, the founder of British blues-rock band Cream


7 Responses to PB&J’s Wednesday Sept 21

  1. crawlinkingsnake on September 22, 2016 at 8:57 AM

    Just brought to our attention…
    Congratulations to both Jackie Welker proprietor of Court Street Grill and Dr Jared Sheets of Mudfork Blues. They are to be honored during this weekend Meigs High School homecoming celebration. Receiving the Distinguished Alumni & Service Award from the Meigs Alumni Association. Look for both riding in open convertibles doing their best royalty wave to the crowd! Also look for holder of the “key to the city of Pomeroy” Mr Johnny Rawls sharing the ride with JW Juke.

  2. Magyar Blue on September 22, 2016 at 1:33 PM

    October 5th – Lil’ Ed & The Blues Imperials return to Natalie’s in Worthington (2nd visit to Natalie’s this year by Ed.)

    • crawlinkingsnake on September 22, 2016 at 2:25 PM

      Now THIS is what we’re talking ’bout! Thanks Magyar Blue appreciate the input.

  3. Dennis McClung on September 23, 2016 at 11:44 AM

    Thanks so much for coming out Crawlinkingsnake, it was so good to see you. What a great evening we had at the Parkersburg Brewing Company!!! BTW, this is a fabulous publication you have here!!!

    • crawlinkingsnake on September 24, 2016 at 12:27 PM

      Thanks Dennis and thanks for coming to P-burg. Only hope this new venue will continue to book great bands like yours.

  4. Roy Dentler on September 23, 2016 at 4:39 PM

    I confess. Love the “Juke Boy Stubbs” moniker. Haven’t talked to Greg or any of the old 6KC for some time, except Eddie of course, but that was a really good memory…the fable and 6KC.
    BTW, this is very timely being as I’m just putting the finishing touches on my home studio and Eddie and I are going to start recording the 12 6KC songs that he and I have the writing credits to.

    • crawlinkingsnake on September 24, 2016 at 12:28 PM

      LOL! Yep, when I saw it just knew we had to publish it again. And looking forward to the new recordings.

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